Welcome to LGSTX Services, Inc.: Keeping Your Business Moving

LGSTX Services specializes in providing material handling equipment and conveyor services, facility maintenance services, aviation ground support equipment services, and distribution services. Our unique blend of services provides each and every one of our customers with efficient, high-quality solutions that keep their operations moving. Leveraging over 30 years of experience in related industries allows LGSTX Services to offer value driven, high quality solutions to a broad range of corporate clients including commercial businesses, airports, and airlines across the United States. LGSTX Services is part of the Air Transport Services Group, Inc., (ATSG) family of companies.

LGSTX Services has one wholly-owned subsidiary: LGSTX Distribution Services, Inc. (LDS). It also consists of multiple divisions, including: GSE Leasing & Sales; GSE Refurbishing; GSE Maintenance; Facilities Management and Material Handling.